We are here.

We are here. We have been here for a long time. We were with you through out the history; for thousands of years. Though you search; you search in wrong place and you never see us. We are the survivors of our planet, just as you are in yours. Peace is important for co- existence. But we do not expect much from you, as we have seen how you treat members of your own species. Such brutality is not common in a civilized species, but what do we know? It might be an indistinct process to control the population.
We reached your planet millions of years ago, when you were not what you are now; not physically; not psychologically. More precisely, you were not superior to any other species on the planet. Our planet was not much different from yours. You have understood the resemblance to yours in size and shape but you know less about it's previous state or the exact current conditions.
Water I assure is not as scarce as you think, in the universe. You have defined a range suitable for life, which centers the earth: your home. You can not be more mistaken. The planet you have assumed to be in the edge of life range did indeed have life, even before your own planet. You might not have added us to the edge if you had known how we were millions of years ago. The range would include other planets as well.
We never destroyed our world as you do now, but we were nearer to sun than you were. The rapid climatic changes were too extreme for us to adapt. The neighboring planet:you, was there to save us. At least some of us; selected specially to colonize your planet. As civilized beings we always respected your advancements and never did we interfere. Your achievements are completely yours. Your technology is yours. The path you took is your own choice. We mingled among you unnoticed as long as your kind remembers the sun. We saw you stand up to look far across the grassy plains.
So, do we look like you? No we do not but you think we do. And you will think so for ever. But there could be a day you try to improve your thinking in a different perspective. You will stop looking at others and start looking at your self. Then you will understand all the illusions you have been filled in. On that day we will fail to hide any more and be forced to reveal our selves. But the way you think and 'prosper' makes us believe that we are safe in your planet for many more millions of years.


Malshi said...

I had the same feeling...but in a different way. I thought that the God is like that :) God is a spirit from the universe(or from a different planet)..and since he is more powerful, he can control us... Its was only a crazy thing that I felt :O

යාත්‍රිකයා said...

Go on kanishka!

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