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What we believe is at times exclusive of what we understand. We tend to believe what we were taught and what is accepted by majority of the society to be correct. Why do we so strongly believe in things we do not understand? Considerable number of Sri lankans strongly believe in astrology. They work according to astrologically set auspicious times. What is the base for these beliefs. According to my understanding there is no base at all. The planetary system is generally understood as rocks (or masses) (except gas giants of course)rotating around sun. Some try to find a scientific background when people question about the reason to believe. One such attempt is to explain the effect as an gravitational pull. People on earth are affected by the gravitational pull of these planets.
So, M of Saturn is 5.6851x 1026, r is about 1.3 x 1012 and we get the effect as GMm/r2 to be 2.243.76x 10-22 N(man is 100kg). The distance between two people(100kg) to get the same gravitational force is 0.5 m(Hope my mathematics is right*). So lot of humans are affecting you than Saturn. And not only people, dogs, cats, cars and every non living object. Same situation is with Stars as well, because the r is in squired. It is a higher value just like the M.
Another point is that that the rays from the planets and stars are affecting us. So, light bulbs and touches are different. Might my mobile phone change my future; it emits microwave alright. And the planets are just reflecting the sun's rays they do not generate any themselves. In other words the rays we get from the planets is a segment of the rays we get from the sun. Any way most of these stars could be dead now, as it takes time for light to travel, may be thousands or even millions of years. So a star which died about a thousand years ago is affecting us. But light and gravity works in speed of light.
May be they are having a special kind of gravitational force or rays other than the spectrum we know. These things are unproven just like i could say we originated from aliens. And i don't see lot of people schedule their activities on alien invasions or worship aliens.
Some people believe that there are other laws at work when designing homes buildings, other than the laws of physics(වාස්තුවිද්‍යාව,nothing to do with civil engineering). They set suitable locations, angles etc. based on unproven logic. One person i heard say that it is not good to have the staircase base at the center of the land(it's a personal experience). The problem in that logic is: there is no center of the land; the earth is a sphere. And there is no land such that is mine. The ownership of land and physical objects including ourselves has no meaning. Its just in our mind. So center of land is in our mind and bad luck is in our mind as well. Is it necessary for us to prove every thing to know it is right? No it is not the idea. There are some things that have a higher probability of being correct such as world being round. Accepting that assumption will give a sensible explanation to so many other things( such as sunrise). And there are some things that does not fit in to this category.
It is better to think that there are things that we do not understand but totally depending and scheduling life according to an unproven logic is something different. There is a chance for it to be correct, a chance equal for us to be of alien origin and so many other unproven beliefs. Any way it is comforting to believe that there is a higher power and we can save, improve our life by working accordingly. That comfort is what we seek by all beliefs.

*Assumptions: The distance can not be taken between Saturn and Earth because both are moving. The lowest value i took. The radius of Saturn not added. Even those added we are in the error range, from human to a train may be.


Bell said...

200% agree with you . Do you believe in gods reincarnation etc ..

anuja said...

I agree with your statement " Why do we strongly believe things that we do not understand ? ". But apita understand karanna be kiyala ehema deyak ne kiyanna be. Can u explain how "wada diya & ba diya" occurs. There you can see external particles almost affect to other parties.
Talking about rays I don't know whether you are aware of this. Why do we use " Fluorescent cool daylight bulbs " for our working environments. Those are scientific experiments results.
I can't tell all the things due to my lack of communication skill in English also unable to use our Unicode converter here.
This time I will agree only 50% only the things about auspicious beliefs, because the people who use them are unable to prove it scientifically.

kanishka© said...

Hmm...First, "wada diya & ba diya", can be explained really simply.I am not sure about what you are asking.
secondly, Fluorescent cool daylight bulbs are used by most people because it is close to the day light in color(or the light we are familiar with for millions of years. we had electric lights which is a substitute for the day light, and now we have found a closer substitute . ) I see no connection with the Fluorescent cool daylight bulbs and the topic.
The point is not to tell that we should completely reject what can not be proven. It is simply to know the limits in superstitious beliefs.

The Blogger said...

If these believes are suppose to make lives better, but if they make lives worse there's no point in believing these stuff....

striders said...

I do agree with kanishka. But I strongly agree with Anuja here. May be we are short of knowledge to explain about astrology or explain the rationale. But it's true that we shouldn't believe in what we cant understand.
But the problem is Sri Lankans are OVERBELIEVING these stuff. In the course they totally forget their NATURAL INSTINCTS and other important things in their lives (relationships, priorities etc.). That's the real problem!
True they exist, but why do we believe them for NO RATIONALE?
True- they can be true!!! But still my question is - WHY DO WE BELIEVE THEM!!!
We have good spiritual and educational backgrounds. But still we forget and undermeasure OURSELVES in front of these things. If the horoscope says "You cant ever get married". The solution??? Be single for life time??? No even we check it then we have to correct ourselves (If you really believe it though). Because that correction power is with us (Aththahi aththano natho - kohi natho parosia - aththanawa sudanthena - nathan labhathi dullabhan: a gatha from Dhammapadaya meaning "No one can correct us but ourselves"). That's why these things are their. We have to believe in the concepts which make our lives easier not harder!!!

anuja said...

There is a effect from our moon for "wada diya & ba diya".

Fluorescent bulb scene is not the thing that you are telling. It's about it's emitting rays (if those build according to the standard). It affect to the human mind.Those experiment did in America & one of our astrologist ( I really can't remember his name. Normally he comes to Doramadalawa programme) in Sri Lanka also involved those projects.

I'll explain it to you @ university.

kanishka© said...

Sorry only now i understood the question. Tide is gravity alright. And its completely explained. And you can trust it to work.
The research i am unaware

Anonymous said...

Interesting topic, and I love your interesting style. Yes, you are correct. But I strongly *believe* that some paranormal things also exist in this World, as I've also experienced some incidents in my life that can not be explained using the natural sciences.

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