Naked Earth

It was finally over. The mission they pursued for generations, has been finally accomplished. A world with inhabitable temperature of 450-480 ℃ and much CO2 as needed for photosynthesis process. It was a miracle: two worlds with almost the same friendly environment but only one inhabited by local beings. The native beings were beginning to develop complex forms but were slow at the process. It did not matter any way. They were determined to colonize in this region, one way or other, but at this stage no persuasion was needed at all.
The two explorers landed on different land sites, specially intended for diverse data gathering processes. The region around the equator was highly expected to harbor indigenous life forms: mostly simple, while the poles were expected to contain high amount of water(H2O) in the atmosphere and possibly liquid water(due to higher pressure) .
The equator exploration was carried out with caution of a possible unknown attack. The control was continuously monitored by the control mothership before any habitation attempts were made. Every possible measure was taken to make the quest a success after all the long years across the universe. But the extra caution resulted in something different: something they never expected. It was thought to be natural first, but formation of such complex forms in calcium, with such amount of duplication was not natural(at least not in their own world ). It was so hard to believe that it was an inner structure of a living being, once roamed on the planet.Certainly crawling as it was impossible to imagine balancing such a complex form in two stands, as one of them suggested. Could the mounds of rock around once served them as homes, it was impossible to say.
Explorers at the polar were less lucky. The attack began when they were out side the protective shield, covered with only the thin outer layer which protected them from the less friendly temperature. The attackers were never reported. It had been completely organized and well handled by the native species, unaware where they had inherited it. Though not technologically advanced now, still they understood the importance of protecting their borders , and they were the survivors of an unimaginable planetary change. The new finding was to change the simple native mind, just as it happened to their ancestors millions of years ago but in a completely different environment.But were they that lucky this time? The guests were not interested in biological experiments but on their own survival.
It is unknown whether the habitation program succeeded or not. But this is a glimpse of the distant future under the current CO2 emission rate in the world.


rho said...

sound like part of that books 2001 one, cool

kanishka© said...

mmmmmm. Actually it's about global warming.

H2O said...

Yeah I aslo think that humans will not survive for a long time.Time may come for our extinction.

Malshika said...

Hmmmm thats bit scary..:O to be an animal..:P but it could happen in the future.. there will be a time that humans can't survive without being changed..:|

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