How Gigantic And Advanced We are

We are earth beings to the best of our knowledge. Just as all the people in history before Galileo, earth is the center to us. More precisely for us, our selves are the centers of the universe. But as it comes, how small are we with respect to the universe.
I found this interesting video
As it seems earth or our selves is not the center of the universe after all. We are just individuals from billions of other humans on earth. Any way how important are we to the universe as a species.
If we consider the time line The universe may be older than 14 billion years(big bang) and our earth is over 4 billion years old (4 x 1,000,000,000) and our civilization history is less than ten thousand years (10,000) old at the best. So if we compare

4 000 000 000
10 000

Earth it self is approximately 4000 000 times older than us(no body knows the exact values). Earth has passed through so many different stages, and it is said that our entire civilization is born in between a time period which is unusually suitable for life. In other words we are between two ice ages or any other disastrous eras. The point is, who can say we are the first to be here(on earth) as an intelligent species. There is a chance because no one has reported to have noticed any artificial satellites other than the ones we have sent, but we are always looking for things which are similar to our technology to pass it as advanced technology. May be they have taken a completely different path and we do not know what to search or expect.
Can an advanced civilization be born without buildings like ours or rockets like ours. May be not(who knows?). But the problem is we are always appointing our selves as an advanced species and try to find facts similar to our selves to declare any thing advanced, so we might have missed some important details even if they were in front of our eyes.
Another idea is that there were some advanced species and they are still among us, in a way we can't see or understand. They might not be in a physical form any more, while we search in the three dimensional space for them.
This is just considering the size of objects in the universe and the time(time as we know it). The situation gets worse when we consider the vastness of space and the distance between these objects.
If there are any other intelligent beings in the universe or in earth, advanced than we are then why haven't they contacted us. Or have they contacted us and no one knows it? How many alien stories in the internet are genuine?
So, finally it comes to the obvious question again: Can you really really believe we are alone in this universe with all these time and space? If so it is a terrible waste.


ශාකුන්තල said...

Wow! Never thought of these.
And, can't imagine how small we are in this endless Universe...

Indunil Moremada said...

It's great!

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