Homosexuality, A Sin?

Usually, calling a person homosexual is an insult in our society, and in many other societies as well. But when considered seriously, do homosexuals exist, and in what percentage? And specially are they among us? If we try to find out the accurate numerical values and locations, it would be more than impossible, due to the first point given:' It is an insult'. But when considering the values in general surveys carried out in Europe, the number is much higher than what you would expect.
Any way is homosexuality unnatural? If we consider the facts, sexuality to begin with, is for a purpose. Purpose of producing offspring; to make sure the continuity of a certain species. It could be animal or plant life but the survival of the species strictly depends on reproduction(other ways are cloning, developing directly using DNA etc.). Each and every thing an animal do in general(done by each and every living being) has a purpose of individual survival or survival of the species. Homosexuality does not support this main purpose. In other words, homosexual activities are useless in natural reproduction process and could be considered worthless completely. Homosexuality is meaningless and worthless in this aspect.
In the other hand, is every thing we do in life is meaningful. Does every sexual activity between a heterosexual couple lead to reproduction? In most cases it does not. Under normal conditions a female may have one child a year and it certainly does not match the number of sexual activities performed. If as, they are meaningless just as homosexual activities, can be taken as unnatural. And does all the sexual activities has direct connection to reproduction? If that is the case the only normal sexual activity known is sexual intercourse.More over this rules out masturbation as an completely unnatural activity.
Therefore according to the facts, non-homosexual people too perform unnatural activities more or less similar to homosexuality.
What is natural and unnatural strictly depends on the person who is observing. Normality is relative. There is no universal definition of what is normal and what is not. Customs, norms are the functions which are considered to be normal by most of the people in a social category. There are huge differences between customs and norms between different societies, tribes etc. For example we would expect cannibalism to be universally rejected. But it is not.
The question is homosexuality a sin or not, is all about what you believe. And just as most of the beliefs it too may not be logical and according to facts. In addition, as organisms in this planet we have a responsibility to keep our species strong and healthy in number, in the future as well. Homosexuality should be less encouraged by all societies for this main fact. But they should be accepted by the society as human beings and treated equality to others.


ශාකුන්තල said...

While I agree with the rest of your article, I would like to comment on your question, 'Does every sexual activity between a heterosexual couple lead to reproduction?'.

No. But although those intercourses look like useless,they help each other to strengthen the bond between them, trust, love and affection.

And,... the word 'sin' depends on the beliefs of the society/ people. But I strongly agree that homosexuals should not be insulted. It's their freedom to be either homo or hetero. Respect the humanity.

Prasad said...

As human beings people can have feelings for homo or hereto sexuality. It is their right.
But the reason for giving restrictions for homosexuality by religions and various cultures is a complicated.

Anonymous said...

Well, I do agree with shakunthala. The "Meaningfullness" or the "Usefullness" of such an intercourse is determined by the beliefs of the parties involved in the intercourse. Isn't it? If I feel it is worthwhile for me, that's enough.
Several religions and societies put constraints on homo-sexual relationships purely becouse those things are not socialized yet in those societies. But it is complicated prasad, you are correct!

rho said...

this is a complex issue, even though its not natural and its against the so called ethics of the society, its peoples right to have a relationship with who ever they want. but, still, is it some thing good for the well being of mankind? we have to think about it

H2O said...

I also agree with Shakunthala because making love is an essential part in keeping the bond in a relationship.

Anuja said...

First of all I would like to tell that you took a great step to talk, that not every people talk. "Homosexuality" bond with the culture. So we can't tell whether it is a sin or not. It's only a matter of likeness of that activity. If I simply say, we don't eat dog meat normally, but there are people who eat them with purposely. it's their choice. Better thing is "Let it be as it is"

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