Can Future Be Predicted?

How many times have we heard the term "Its my fate" , from so many people from so many different social categories ? Is there a truth in this story? Is it all set and what we can do is just sit and wait for it to arrive? Some would be pleased to think that there is fate and some may not. The real question is whether there is fate or not, can we predict the future?
Under normal conditions we probably can not, because human nature is unpredictable in complex situations. But for simple scenarios we may know what is about to happen as we might have a clear understanding of the target environment and the people involved. Is this true for complex scenarios as well.
It is so difficult to predict what a human might do in certain situations. After a long time observation it is possible, as we might understand how the person's mind is set. But even then we get surprises. Human decisions are not specific. The same person may react to the same incident differently at two different times. But a computer reacts to the incident in same manner if not subject to malfunction. That is because we are capable of handling approximate details and our decisions are not exact.
A persons brain is set depending on the experiences he/she gets throughout the life time. Mostly during the child hood and the mind is set depending on the reactions from the environment for each and every action performed. That results in ethics and understanding of social standards.
Therefore as an idea by controlling a person's experiences and exposures we may turn that person in to some thing we want(Characteristics inherited from parents too play a major role).
If we are to know every thing in this world including living and non living objects, environments and planetary conditions. Or if we can control them, there is a possibility that we could predict the future. For example if a person ran into a bus and die it was a result of so many variables such as the time the bus started, the mental status of the driver, all the people in the road etc...
All these are variables which have values. Even the human decisions. If there were such a way to know these variables including things such as how each and every ones mind is set and the facts which change the environment conditions it may be possible to predict future after all.
Redefining the above point, what we do and our choices are strictly based on what we have seen and heard in our life, and what we inherited from the generations before us, which results in human characteristics. For all other living things it is the same. If this is true, then there is no choice after all: it is just an illusion of the mind, just like http which hides all the complexities of low level protocols.
Every other thing in this world happen for a reason as well. The inputs are extremely high in number, ranging from earth's magnetic field changes to solar radiation effects. All happen for a reason and a purpose. The real problem is understanding the reason or the purpose why we exist.
Future may be predictable or unpredictable, answering that question is ahead of our life time. The best we can do is try hard, and pray our choices to be correct.


niroshinie said...

I'm not sure everything has a purpose. Who's purpose exactly? As to why we're here - well IMHO our being here may have a cause - but not really a reason.
As for predicting the future, I agree that some things can be predicted - such as some elements of weather for example. But there's always room for random events.
I don't think a person's future can be predicted on a 100% accuracy though - at least I hope not! That would mean everything I am about to do has already been decided - preprogrammed...I mean where's the fun in that? :D There should always be room for improvisations!

Digitalartspodda said...

No, the predicting here mentioned is not that kind of predicting. Its like every thing can be converted to formulas. A person can be too. But it optimizes the program depending on the output and the approval of the output. It is not practically possible as the inputs are too large in number to control, but most probably its not infinity. So theoretically its possible to calculate it. But i never said its possible for humans to do.

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